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They're already here for the love of God -- but wait -- which GOD? You have your right winged, conservative good ol' boys blaming every single Muslim they can find for every single beheading that was done. Granted, there are much more Muslim extremists than there are Christian ones -- but I really want to say that there are closet Christian extremists more than anything else. " "Aids and ebola will wipe out the LGBT community! " Is it any wonder why people get so offended once someone says, "God bless you," like what happened to Cynthia Fernandez. You know how people hate the unknown -- hate what they haven't taken the time out to learn. But wait -- after somewhat years, she now wants to become a man again, because being a woman is exhausting. I have to say, it's pretty clear that most people feel that it's outrageous for her to expect them to pay for her surgery back. And ignorance breeds hatred -- the fear of the unknown.

When Tucker tried to relive the magic a couple weeks back on the first day of school he was arrested by police, escorted off campus and issue a tresspassing citation.They're afraid that the child will have much adversity in the rural all-white community they live in. They received a refund and is also suing for ,000.00. I have issues (as you all know) -- but I'm talking about issues that just makes me wanna shake people by their collars. Also, Lysol and Purell are making a shitload of money off of me. I know I contribute to some of that, but these people just bypass my inane sense of current events. This year they are encouraging everybody to grab the flu shot ASAP. Did you hear about that Ohio couple, Jennifer Cramblett and her wife, Amanda Zinkon? So thank God for this beautiful, healthy baby girl. " The fear of these holy rolling extremists has everyone hating religion. For starters, I have packed up my precious prized possessions and my favorite blanky and hightailed it into my bubble. Then I decided, she's not welcomed too after yesterday's fiasco of pukin' & poopin' all day. I scan through comments of each ebola story on the internet. But the thing is, I heard one representative from the CDC mention, "Well, we still aren't sure what types of strains are out there, but it's better than not getting the shot." In other words, they have no idea what they're pumping into our goddamn systems. They're suing the Midwest Sperm Bank for messing up the 'baby's daddy'. Humans makes mistakes, but all the more reason to have this type of thing done electronically and of course, much more carefully. And just think -- she could have been autistic or deformed. Religious people are usually not very spirit-filled ones.

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As they say, it's a woman's prerogative is to change her mind, however people are debating about this left and right over on Facebook. The lack of knowledge in your own community as well as others around you creates a circle of ignorance.

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