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Many people on Datalounge are so gullible and ignorant that they will believe anything. Because he so obviously enjoys being mistaken for straight, I'm surprised by how gay he acts on DWTS. I mean, I think he's adorable and sweet and a very nice guy, and I would tap that hard fuckin gold medal winning ass NOW if I could... Do you get off getting people to waste time looking at nothing? Has there ever been a more boring Olympic winner in male figure skating? His performance is so artificial - generated to win every possible point, devoid of any genuine artistry. (blocking gay shows and homophobic statements from their news broadcasters)Weir was the roommate.

Just because Evan can't relate to his dance instructor doesn't make him homosexual. It was persistently reported in the skating press that Evan was romantically involved with Tanith.

As such, from a transportation standpoint, south campus has considerable advantages over the University hospital area that is already plagued by high traffic loads and lack of parking.

Health Minister Sarah Hoffman said the facility will become the new central hub for processing more than 80 per cent of the medical tests in the Edmonton region, while also serving as a training and research centre for innovations in diagnostics.“Improvements in how these tests will be processed will increase efficiency and speed, which leads to better health outcomes,” Hoffman told a news conference at University of Alberta Hospital.

Soccer fields currently occupy the laboratory site, which lies between 113 Street and the South Campus LRT station, and south of the Neil Crawford Centre.

The facility is expected to house about 800 employees at peak times, so a new parkade will also be required as part of the project.

The lab will be located north of 65 Avenue and west of 113 Street.

Some pathologists and researchers had called for the lab to be built close to the U of A hospital complex, but health leaders eventually decided that wasn’t a feasible option. Michael Mengel, AHS’s clinical department head of laboratory services for the Edmonton zone, said the new facility will be the drop-off point for millions of samples brought in from community collection sites all around Edmonton and northern Alberta.

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The decision ends a long period of uncertainty over lab services dating back to 2015, when AHS was set to sign a $3-billion deal to have a private company build a new lab facility and manage virtually all medical testing in the Edmonton region Hoffman abruptly ended that initiative and instead set on a course to create a single, publicly run lab services system for the province.

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