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The term also calls attention to the fact that gender roles have often had lethal consequences, and that these are in important respects analogous to the lethal consequences of racial, religious, and class prejudice.According to the United Nations, the biologically normal gender ratio at birth ranges from 102 to 106 males per 100 females.

Politico-Military frameworks have historically inflicted militant-governed divisions between femicide, and androcide; gender-selective policies increase violence on gendered populations due to their socioeconomic significance.

But "gendercide" is a sex-neutral term, in that the victims may be either male or female.

There is a need for such a sex-neutral term, since sexually discriminatory killing is just as wrong when the victims happen to be male.

Gendercide also takes the forms of abortion and infanticide, and lethal violence against a particular gender at any stage of life.

The Holocaust falls within the category of genocide but can also be categorized as gendercide; in such instances, women were chosen for execution more than their male counterparts, and females were sent to ‘work camps’ where many were killed.

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