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In turn, and knowing that her cousin is intruding on her personal life, Cha Gang-Sim should have put an end to it - not very realistic letting it continue. 28 and I like the drama so far, but the character played by Nam Ji-Hyun is not necessary and has become a little annoying. 27, the character Kang Seo-Wool should not be butting into family matters - I agree in that she seems to have her nose in all of their personal business. I really like this drama and I really like this family.

It also isn't very realistic that she would fall for the first guy she encounters after being chaste, strong-willed, and career oriented for 17 years, especially one as immature as the character Moon Tae-Joo. children plot could have carried this drama by itself - all the other stuff is just bad window dressing. I'm glad that the father took the drastic step to get his children to start acknowledging their lack of respect towards him. So much touching of my heart, I cry and laugh in 1 episode.

Every project, large or small, is given careful thought and discussed with our customers.

The majority of our work comes from word of mouth referrals and our list of satisfied customers grows every day.It tells a believable, heartwarming story about universal family issues. And trying to shoehorn in size 10 story into a size 4 plot just doesn't fit. I love this drama especially from the beginning but now Don't really like what is going on... I don't really watch dramas that run into 50 plus eps. This is a budget drama so don't expect frills like grandiose bldgs, fanciful oversea shoots with music from popular singers to prep up the mood in every other scene. he's cute personality in the drama made it funnier . I am not trying to demean the scriptwriters but the dialogue is awfully fake. I don't know how can suing your children will help to bring your family closer, more like it will fall apart... The msg of this drama is to appreciate and be patient with our loved ones, including those who fail us again and again. I started to watch this drama from around episode 24 right around when Ms. absolutely hate that thyo jin...doesn't she have anything else to do besides running behind that jerk kang jae like a dog,carrying his bag and coat? now the only thing that keeps me going is bromance between eun Jo and director.them together. Many a time we take them for granted and focus only their fails and realize their absence only when they are gone. Goo starts coming out a lot, actress Kim Sora makes the drama more interesting. After ep23, I finally decided to stop watching,is too frustrating to watch that parasite of an aunt putting her nose into her brother's matters acting as if she has every right in that house. It is actually an old popular song called '내가 말 했잖아' meaning I told you.

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