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We'll send you an sms or email when your super search results are available on My AMP, and an email with instructions on how to log in.Ten days after this, we will initiate consolidation of all the superannuation we find into your AMP account.If you are not, the first thing you can do is take it up with your employer.The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can also help you with information and advice on your super entitlements and recovering any contributions your employer has not paid. Each account will typically have a fixed administration charge of at least 0 a year.Without this information, AMP Life cannot provide these services to you.

If you are employed, check your payslip and your superannuation account transaction records to make sure you are getting the contributions you are legally entitled to.

Consolidating your super into just one account is only a few clicks away once you have mastered your My Gov login.

Go to https://au/ The ATO may be holding some unclaimed super on your behalf.

The more accounts you have, the more administration fees you will pay.

As well, with each account there could be associated insurance cover, with deduction of premiums of 0 or more per account.

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