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The erudite Colin Mc Ginn has written, for instance, "The brain is only tangentially relevant to consciousness." ( There are many philosophers who would disagree, e.g.Churchland, Dennett, and Searle.) After his triumph with heredity, Crick turned to what he called the "second great riddle" in biology—consciousness. I remember a seminar Crick was giving on consciousness at the Salk Institute here in La Jolla.He'd barely started when a gentleman in attendance raised a hand and said, "But Doctor Crick, you haven't even bothered to the word consciousness before embarking on this." Crick's response was memorable: "I'd remind you that there was never a time in the history of biology when a bunch of us sat around the table and said, 'Let's first what we mean by life.' We just went out there and discovered what it was—a double helix.We leave matters of semantic hygiene to you philosophers." Crick did not, in my opinion, succeed in solving consciousness (whatever that might mean).The structural and functional streamlining might ensure that, when waves of information come through the claustrum, its neurons will be exquisitely sensitive to the timing of the inputs. Instead of focusing on pedantic philosophical issues, Crick and Koch began with their naïve intuitions.

This attribute of consciousness, with the accompanying sense of the immediate "present" or "here and now," is so obvious that we don't usually think about it; we regard it as axiomatic.

In biology, knowledge of structure often to knowledge of function—one need look no further than the whole of medical history.

Inspired by Griffith and Avery, Crick and Watson realized that the answer to the problem of heredity lay in the structure of DNA.

Given his phenomenal success using the strategy of structure-function analogy, it is hardly surprising that he imported the same style of thinking to study consciousness.

He and his colleague Christoff Koch did so by focusing on a relatively obscure structure called the claustrum.

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The claustrum is a thin sheet of cells underlying the insular cortex of the brain, one on each hemisphere.

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