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Not matter what, wearing a jacket is imperative with this dress code.Here are a few examples to begin with: It is essential to look sophisticated, elegant and neat (like a formal event) in your semi formal attire.It should hit all the right notes, which means your suit must meet the formal requirements and at the same time be relaxed enough so that you don’t look overdressed.You need to focus on the details, especially on the color scheme based on the time of the event.One rule of thumb of semi formal is that you should always wear your jacket.

If done rightly, mixing different patterns and adding contrasting and complementing colors can help you add a more personal touch to your attire.Opt for crisp, custom shirts and keep them and your ties on the traditional end of the spectrum.Shoes must be dressy and accessories need to be understated.It is still a strict dress code so don’t be fooled by the diminutive phrasing.A nice dark suit is your best option for an evening event while some stick to lighter option (strollers) during daytime.

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