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Smiley became a radio commentator in 1991 and, starting in 1996, he hosted the talk show BET Talk (later renamed BET Tonight) on Black Entertainment Television (BET).

After Smiley sold an exclusive interview of Sara Jane Olson to ABC News in 2001, BET declined to renew his contract that year.

She is now seeking a reform of the laws that allow non-disclosure agreements to protect predatory and criminal behavior.

"I understand that non-disclosure agreements have a place in society for both sides, but it's really important that legislation is changed around how these agreements are regulated," Perkins said on BBC Newsnight.

All of the alleged assaults occurred during Goddard's time working for Walt Disney's theme park design group in the 1970s.Also Read: Newsweek Takes Heat for Interview With Ex-House Speaker, Admitted Child Molester Dennis Hastert Since it was unveiled on Thursday morning, the cover has been met with cheers by some and jeers from others.New cover story: Trump is leading the most corrupt administration in U. history, one of first-class kleptocrats OFR Kvs93Xs J0 — Newsweek (@Newsweek) November 2, 2017In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal, women and men alike have been more vocal about speaking out against unwanted sexual advances and contact."You cannot have a legal document that protects a criminal -- this isn't someone who sold you a dodgy car." Ultimately, Perkins left Miramax, but not before signing an NDA prohibiting her from speaking about her time there.Perkins first spoke up to the Financial Times in October where she claims that she suffered years of harassment from Weinstein, but decided to act after the assault against her colleague.

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The women were advised to seek damages from Weinstein, and a settlement was agreed upon.

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