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Personalmente es un libro que me encantó, y me sentí totalmente identificada en algunos momentos con cada uno de los personajes, te presenta situaciones que evocan épocas de tu vida que ni te acordabas y te das cuenta que muchas cosas no han cambiado.

Penny y sus amigas te llevan a un viaje de amistad, confianza, perdón y música, y si te gustan los Beatles te va a gustar aún más este libro.

Algunos parecen agradables, claro; pero un cuarto consiguen lo que buscan, se deshacen de ti y pasan al objetivo siguente.

De acuerdo, quizá cambie de opinión dentro de unos diez anõs, cuando ya no viva en Parkview, Illinois (EU), ni asista a la escuela Mc Kinley; pero, por el momento, no quiero saber de los chicos.

If you listen to the Beatles while reading this work by this gifted Paperback Writer, you will increase your reading pleasure.

John Lennon's 1970 "Instant Karma," Paul Mc Cartney's 1977 "I've Had Enough" and George Harrison's 1965 "Think For Yourself" underscore a good portion of this book.

- Jolene"Think for yourself 'cause I won't be there with you." -- George Harrison, 1965You've just got to love the cover, which is a spoof of the Beatles' 1969 Abbey Road album cover.

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but I think I did when I judged that this would be one I would like! Penny Lane, who shares her name with a 1967 Paul Mc Cartney with the Beatles classic is so over boys.

(Her two sisters are Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and Lovely Rita. After a traumatic breakup with her former boyfriend Nate, she forms The Lonely Hearts Club minus Sgt. She swears off high school boys as she feels they don't show proper respect for women. Her school principal, who is a man naturally chafes at the club as do the male students.

Like John Lennon, she and her fellow Hearts refuse to compromise their true voices and identity and swear off pretending to agree with someone just to win them over or pacify them.

Any time somebody gives up their honest voice by pretending to be something they are not and by saying they agree with something they do not, they are stifling their identity.

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