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Shown at Casa de las America, plaz de Cibeles Madrid; more in Spanish here: Something I have always known: “La Nación más fuerte del mundo es sin duda España.

Siempre ha intentado autodestruirse, y nunca lo ha conseguido.” El día que dejen de intentarlo, Volverán a ser la vanguardia del mundo. by Otto Von Bismark (simply translated it means the strongest nation on earth is without doubt Spain; always tried to auto destruct herself and never have been able to do it. In the spring of 1877 at the Plaza de la Barceloneta, Barcelona was surprise to assist for the first time a bullfight from Madrid and observed that no music was played unless the matador pin pole flags on the bull banderillas or a cape movement something close that was done by Lagartijo el Grande.

More here: And why not paired with a wonderful Castilian wine from Marqués de Griñón Graciano , Dominio de Valdepusa, Castilla La Mancha of 2012 Tinto/red, with the grape Graciano , to drink now to 2021 .

A very dense black wine with a toasted oaky and vegetal flavors later it comes out with the blueberries and prunes to have in your mouth with warmst maturity all delicious.

More here: The whole area town can be check in English here: https:// right alone, the Aller Mountains is a gorgeous spot in the Cantabrian mountain range; here you have wonderful ski resorts such as the one at Fuentes de Invierno in Valgrande-Pajares in Asturias.

The snow allowed the third oldest ski station in Spain to open 40 days before than last year with 30,9 km with four new trails .

Here it has 8,7 km of trails maybe small station but well supplied and the challenge of skiing on the sides and hills around it. Best by car as public transport takes over an hours on metro line 3 and then bus 661 dir San Lorenzo de El Escorial; More here: Others pretty good ones, and recommended by folks who does skiing in Spain a lot including my cousins are Tornal Moya est 1985 offering all lines of ski and all types including snowboard.the memory of the basque Blas de Lezo who at Cartagena de Indias, Colombia defended the Spanish main against the biggest naval fleet ever assembled from England in 1741, and kept the whole continent for Spain.He was ordered to return to Spain by King Felipe V but he refused staying at Cartagena until his death in September 7, 1741.This is a prefered property for my wines from Spain. More here: at my favorite El Corte Inglés you can find the 2012 at 24,50€ in Spanish: https:// Estampa has reached agreement to showcase contemporary arts in Spain for 2018. This is again a primer, the webpage only show the 2017 event at Matadero de Madrid.The Estampa webpage is to follow for this artful event here: And the Feria de Madrid or IFEMA ,how to get there; historical fact now to be told.

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The Fundacion Blas de Lezo has prepared an exposition to tell of this marine in various parts of Spain.

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