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They were convicted and sentenced to be taken in the custody of William Wever to Calais, the nearest English port on the Continent.A ship belonging to John but also serched them to their shertes, but nothing cowde be found upon them, not so moche as wolde paie for their mete and drynke, nor none other bagge or baggage but one horse not worthe iiij s.," and "here beynge no shipping for them, the forseide constables of Bostone The news he had gathered was "That their army shall assemble about th' end of March, and that the Rhinecroft shall bring out of Almain twenty four ensigns for th' renforce of th' old bands, and six thousand Gascons to be new levied, and six thousand pioneers, besides four On December 5, 1545 (37 Henry VIII.), a Bill was introduced into the House of Lords "pro animadversione in Egyptios." It was read on December 7 and 10, and referred to the Chief- Justice of the Common Bench.In 1449 an Act was passed in which "overliers and masterful beggars" are described as going about the country with "horses, hunds, and other goods" a fact which acquires a further value when compared with the statement of Krantz, that on the Continent the first Gypsies kept hunting-dogs like the nobility.

Dating back to the 9th century, historians believe that Persian horseback riders were the innovators of the first high heeled shoes.without siwring uppon any commyssiou licence or placarde that they may shewe or aledge for themselfes."In 1542, twelve years after the first Act was passed.Andrew Borde, described the Gypsies of those days as: "swarte and disgisyd in theyr apparel contrary to other nacyons"; he adds, "They be lyght fyngerd and vse pyking; they have little maner and euyl loggyng, and yet they be pleasnt daunsers .In the summer of 1544 Eobert Ap Kice, Esq., the Sheriff of Huntington, caused a large band of Gypsies, owning seventeen horses, to be apprehended under the Act passed in 1530.While still a child he was stolen by a band of Gypsies, and "for some months," according to Campbell, or "for themiselfes Egipcyans or that hathe heretofore called themiselfes Egipsyans shall fortune to enter or travayle in the same.

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