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and had been using it ever since as I shopped, ate fancy meals, drank (a lot) and went to a few shows. I was about to be a contestant on a live show called American Slut Warrior (ASW for short... As I prepared to prove him wrong, I reflected back, trying to figure out how it had all gone wrong. I didn't get much repeat business, but that's because whenever someone bought a house from me, they would probably be happy with it for the rest of their life.

Unlike Charisma who wore short tight dresses to showcase her tits and ass to sell houses, I dressed professionally and used respect, trust, logic, and locating the ideal house for a client's taste and pocketbook.

That's right...through the magic of the internet, your computer has reached out into the world wide web and transported you here..myth, the legend, the way of life: AL4A!

the loudest yet as the host said to my bubble butt, "Holy shit." "Oh I almost forgot the most important rule," he said, hopefully his memory distracted by my excessive flirtation. The commentator commentated, "Did anyone else almost come?Anyway, I really didn't know what I was getting myself into with this ASW, but the waiver they'd made me fill out made it clear this was going to be wild.For instance, I'd just agreed to hold the parent company harmless if the sperm count in my blood got uncomfortably high. There were 6 Obstacles, or tasks, and I was guaranteed the following money for each Obstacle I completed...completely unaware how big this event was or how many people would be watching my sudden act of spontaneity. "Well, I promise that you'll be seeing a lot of bigger dicks today," he promised. I smiled, giving his big hard cock one last firm squeeze, "I'll see at the finish line." "I hope so," he chuckled, not using his mic, just a one-on-one proposition. so unlike the perfect lady I was perceived as by everyone. "Before we send you to Obstacle One, do you want to make an easy fifty bucks? "Alas alack, I can't do that," I sighed dramatically like the heroine in a melodrama, covering my upper and lower privates as if suddenly shy. I then quipped, "You can get a better taste directly from the source, but you'll have to wait until I win." He took them out, tossed them generously into the audience and trothed, "I think I love you." "I've heard before," I bantered back, before asking, "What's the first obstacle? " "I'll return them to you at the end," he promised, as he bent down to pick them up. However, if you choose wrong, you'll be disappointed! you are automatically disqualified if you have an orgasm at any time during the competition." " help me all you can? "It's a guarantee," he said, giving me a look like I was the frosting on a cake he wanted to devour whole. " I asked, standing before him and everyone else naked, not trying to hide anything, and very proud of my nudity. I was still incredibly flexible and could get myself into some wicked positions.A girl in a transparent body stocking asked me, "Are you ready? "Walk through that door to begin the game," she said, looking no older than nineteen, utterly drop dead beautiful, and almost as slutty as I did. "After you communicate with them, will I be fucking you or the heels? But for now, anything else you want to do while you're down there? "I got my first Brazilian especially for today." He stared at my pussy, licked his lips and shook his head, "You ex is an idiot." As he stood up, I grabbed his package again and added, "I expect this to be at the finish line too." "Little Matt will be there with bells on, or tassels or something," he nodded, before adding, "I love the nylons, you're the only contestant to wear them today." "I like the way they accentuate my legs," I said, sexily posing for him and the audience, "and the way they make me ." The crowd went wild. Then living again in the moment, I did the most impulsive thing I'd ever done (of course everything I was about to do in this entire competition would almost certainly be the wildest thing ever as the Obstacles got crazier and crazier, so everything else was flourishes), so with a , I pulled my dress off, leaving me totally naked except for my thigh high nylons. "You heard her," he trumpeted to the audience, "she's ready to RUMBLE! I then launched myself down the four-foot drop to the trampoline, did a single bounce to stabilize my balance, then three arched-back somersaults to get to the other side, holding my tits in place the entire time to keep the cucumber between them.

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