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FORUM: The forum has a number of boards where you can read and post on various topics.There are boards for general chatting, jokes, serious questions (answered by our knowledgable Orgasmanic advisors), educational info, links to good porn, and lots more.For some reason, this apparently painted a bulls-eye on his back, because this person then got bullied relentlessly by the girl and a few of her cohorts. (For the record, after reviewing the chat logs, we found other examples of the same exact thing happening with this group to other newcomers. If we find good evidence and reason to warn or ban the reported person, we will make that happen. Orgasmanic is a community-oriented site dedicated to masturbation, orgasms and... all devoted to helping each other get off in new and exciting ways. All of these sections are accessible by clicking on the menubar at the top of each page.

I'm not convinced some people knew they could pick more than one answer.~ ilikeitalot I see a lack of interest and comments on the guy's pic section.

Stats at a glance: Top 3* Bulges and Cumshots tied for first with 10 votes each, or 12.7%** Pre cum with 8, or 10.1%*** Hard cock, hand at the base and Free standing hardon tied for 3rd with 7, or 8.9%Just for fun The Kinsey Scale is a way of measuring someone's level of heterosexuality or homosexuality, it assigns you a score out of 6 (6 being completely homosexual, 0 being completely heterosexual). got a 2. I came across a database error that the site said I need to report to the admin. I was trying to place my location on the map in my profile and I got this twice: Please try again.

If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator. A better way to report it other than putting it here needs to be at the top or the bottom of each page.

I am also super guilty of this, mainly cause I never know what to say and prefer to say something other than "hot" cause that just seems lame.

I also know that there sometimes lacks a little, ummm, artistic quality to the pictures.

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Although I always tend towards women that meet my wife's evolving body (i.e..

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