Gemini woman dating a pisces man did ryan leslie dating cassie

Before I enjoy to spent hours and hours just talking to her about everything.

Now I’m lucky if she has the mood to talk about anything.

The Gemini woman and a Pisces man do make a compatible marriage.

Both are interested in socializing and this takes them along easily.

They are not hesitant to talk about money, sex and other sensitive subjects on the planet.

Together they handle tasks and tackle problems on a common ground.

Just wanted to vent that really, I would like to say to all fishy guys out there who gets capture in the nets of a Gemini, to prepare to see both Heaven and Hell in just one woman.

The level of compatibility with this pair would be on an average scale only.

Gemini is famous for being open-minded, curious and liberal.

They love to have sex at the quirkiest time and the least- to do place. When the relationship turns sour it is usually the Gemini woman who has to call it off.

She needs to take the initiative and get things settled.

There would be a better level of compatibility in sex for this pair.

Both are more involved in making sensuous talks and other conversations that the physical act comes last. But then it binds them together and dispels all negative energy from the every encounter would be overwhelming.

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