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The high street became filled with chains of fast food ‘restaurants’, all offering the same thing, quantity over quality.The soul within food and the depth of enjoyment around eating was lost as it ceased to become an event and turned into more of a ‘quick fix’.If you do happen to meet someone you like during the night, but don’t manage to pluck up the courage to ask for their number, send Charlie a message and she’ll see if the feeling is mutual.It’s just like it used to be, but this time giving fate a bit of a helping hand.As an example, answers to the question “How soon would you be ready to have sex?” begin on a granular level: “On the first night,” followed by “After 2­–3 dates.” Then they suddenly jump from having sex “after 6 or more dates” to “not till after marriage.” And when you consider how quickly a new couple can blow through the first six dates, this can easily boil down to the difference between “I’ll have sex with you now,” “in a week or two weeks,” or “not till after we’re married.” Most importantly, where does that leave those of us who aren’t prepared to set a definitive timeline on our sexual availability? We should set expectations with our partners: that’s a good thing.For instance, OK Cupid bases a lot of its algorithm for matching couples on how they answer questions, how their ideal partner would answer that same question, and how important the question is to them.This would be great, except sometimes the questions and answers are limited in the options they provide.

But it can be just as discouraging to begin a chat with this person, only for it to become instantly obvious that they’re only looking for a hook-up.Some dating sites have a reputation for being used primarily for just such purposes, and many of the users are aware of this.But where does that leave those of us who are looking for something long-term? Setting expectations around sex is a big part of online dating, and some platforms address this head-on by including questions about sex right alongside other questions about your tastes and interests.Speed dating is still considered naff by many, but online dating and apps are much more common if not the market leader.It is almost inevitable that if you ask a group of couples “How did you meet?

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