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But Saitou has a deep, dark secret that he is hiding from his kouhai.Will Akimoto still look up to Saitou when it is revealed?

This thrilling drama tests the limits of true love and societies mores.Akimoto has just started his high school career at Miya High and is burning with enthusiasm.Not because he's in the springtime of his youth, or because he has his eyes set on some beautiful upperclassmen; rather, Akimoto is overjoyed to finally be able to meet his long time Judo idol Saitou!Kaji's eyes are being opened as he finds that the needs and dark desires that can bind together lovers aren't always about love...(from M-U)1) Addicted to Love After School When his student moves in next door a sensei begins to feel his work and personal life getting mixed up, especially when the paper thin walls let the sensei hear his student's solo nighttime activities.

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