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I determined to get tested 5 weeks after my encounter, I went to government hospitals and test using approved home rapid test kit, the result was NEGATIVE, but I didnt relief at all.I ask my blood to be taken and do an ELISA test but he say the result will come NEG. I had unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex 8 weeks ago..Although it is not conclusive, but it is a relief for me.Do u think I need to get another one to test at 3 month?The intercourse did not last more than 10 minutes and I guess I might have had about 3-5 min of unprotected sex.This transsexual is from Malaysia and moved to the UK 8 months ago, he/she resulted HIV negative before moving here and always used condoms except one time when he/she had unprotected sex with a white 24yr old guy from London. I'm circumcised too and for what I've read in this forum the risk of being infected is reduced.Last year my husband and I attempted a long-haul two-week trip to the sunshine with two children under six, and I seem to remember we enjoyed it.

i am totally confused about this , i had consulted few doc here, they diagnosed urticaria and prescribed antihistamine , but that didn't really helped me .Since then I've read all that you have said about the modern tests being about 99% reliable at that stage, and I am now much more hopeful and optimistic.Incidentally, the clinic in Scotland where I was tested told me that the negative result was "a good sign" but that I had to wait twelve weeks.(all the test is gone through by blood rapid test kit) 33 days after exposure - result - negative ( not sure which generation but the test kit only can detect IGG) 36 days after exposure - result - negative ( 3rd generation Elisa (SD BIO HIV 1/2 3.1) HIV ag/ab test @ 25days - Neg 2) Rapid HIV Blood Test @ 6weeks - Neg But the 2day i went for my 9weeks test, the test was a Rapid HIV Blood Test same as the 6weeks one.

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Please sir, could you spare a few minutes to answer some of my questions, I have gone through hell over this and am still too unwell to work. 1) Do I need to test for any other STD's inc lab test for HIV? 3) What if any other diagnostic test would you recommend? is there any difference as in the type of test (rapid test kit) they are using different from those in the US, which need 6 months to get an accurate result? 5 weeks ago we had another unprotected vaginal intercourse , but i was so worried after i got to read about HIV , so i took self rapid AB kit after 4.5 weeks after the intercourse and it showed negative.

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