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Check the oabgen schedule on the server and find a good amount of hours that is allowed for your environment).

If you only have one mailbox server, that’s the one.#demandglobalchange // https:// Today, I’m going to share some ‘notes from the field’ about fixing oab issues in Exchange 2007 In order to fully understand the oab generation and distribution process, I will assume that you are running the Mailbox server role and HUB/CAS server roles on different servers.Of course, this is not a requirement to run a successfull Exchange installation at all, but it will help understanding the various processes.If not, the oab may not be available for download by end users.You can test if the oab folder exists by browsing to https://your_cas_server.domain.com/oab You should get a 403 – Forbidden page Basically, the OAB Virtual Web folder must be configured correctly as well.

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