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Under-18s on Tinder are only matched with other users in the 13-17 age bracket.You have to sign up with Facebook to create a Tinder account, so theoretically there’s an age verification system in use.Be prepared to listen, but make sure to explain the risks of meeting people you don’t know and to emphasise that these services are meant for adults.Sexual communication with a child is a criminal offence, so let them know that adults who want to talk about sex are breaking the law and shouldn’t be trusted.DO NOT INTRODUCE YOUR CHILDREN TO DATES UNTIL YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS SOMEWHAT SERIOUS.Your children do not need to observe a revolving door of dates.Some young people might feel more comfortable talking to potential partners via an app or website, where at least rejection won’t be delivered face to face (and possibly in the halls at school).Meeting someone on the internet can be risky, though, a fact that dating sites like Ok Cupid admit – and try to guard against – in their safety tips. However awkward it may be, it’s much safer for young people to explore relationships with people they know offline. Most adults dating online are looking to meet other adults and won’t be too happy if someone underage turns up in their matches.

Some older online daters have been known to trim a year or two off their ages, so it’s probably safe to assume that determined under-18s could also figure out how to plug in a fake birthdate. Tinder, for example, is officially 13 and has made headlines by admitting that around 7% of its users are between 13 and 17.Some other dating apps still allow or are aimed at younger teen users.With the hustle and bustle of working, raising kids and racing to extracurricular activities, making time for a social life can be challenging, especially for single parents whose personal time is a rare commodity—but they aren’t destined to a life of solitude.” Computers help us approach dating with efficiency, allowing a larger quantity of potential matches to become available.Though, computer matches are not without fallbacks.

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By Rachel Rosen If you’re anything like me, there was probably a time when you thought that online dating services weren’t likely to be an issue for children and their families.

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