Parents views on interracial dating

Be gentle, quick to forgive, and generous with your conversation. If your parents can’t get onboard with your interracial relationship, consider recruiting a bit of a support team.When parents see other family and friends rallying around you, rooting for your relationship success, they might be challenged to reevaluate the way they see you two together.Find ways to reassure parents, eloquently explaining your perspective without any defensiveness.You might be frustrated by their expectations, but they likely feel the same about your decisions.

Our parents only want the best for us and sometimes they do not realize you may not think or feel the same way.

The key is for couples to realize this and not react to negative pressure from others.

Interracial couples may still draw stares and sometimes disapproval when they're off campus.

Some parents might welcome you as a date, not a future family member.

Be patient as they adjust to a change in (their) plans for their child.

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