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The major difference is that in queued updating an active network connection is not absolutely necessary; it allows snapshot replication and transactional replication Subscribers to modify published data without an active network connection to the Publisher.The following events take place when queued updating is involved: With queued updates you can set up replications that allow for dial-up connections or more appropriate use of resources.Data by default is replicated in one direction from the Publisher to the Subscriber.Transactional and snapshot replication enables the power to update replicated data at the Subscriber level by using subscriptions that are updateable.The following steps are involved when immediate updating takes place: Immediate updates provide for tighter control over data.To gain this control, you need to have a reliable network connection between the Publishers and Subscribers.Another mechanism that can be used to provide for better resource utilization is remote agent activation.In SQL Server 2000, Microsoft disconnected the "who controls the schedule" part of replication from "where the work is done." Although there are default locations where each of the agents run, you may find that altering these locations provides a better load balance.

The Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) maintains a two-phase commit execution between a Subscriber and Publisher inside a stored procedure call.You have seen a lot of the aspects of replication using Microsoft SQL Server.The different types of replication are merge, snapshot, and transactional, and you've seen what each has to offer.Although this is something you are unlikely to see on the exam, it is worth noting that this option is available as a final option in replication configuration.With remote agent activation, you can reduce the amount of processing on the Distributor or Subscriber by running the Distribution agent or Merge agent on another computer and then activating that agent remotely.

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You have also seen several ways to make the data updateable at all servers and optimize the process through load distribution.

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