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But in London, with his gorgeous wife by his side, close friends nearby and two acknowledged cinematic classics, , to his name, Polanski was a charming, if often introspective, subject.All these years later, Ray's pictures of Tate, Polanski and their friends in 1968 London feel like portraits of a lost world, while the knowledge we have of the horrors to come adds a dark, foreboding edge to what, at the time, must have felt like an era of endless light.Here, recalls the living, vibrant Sharon Tate with a series of photos of her, Polanski and their friends, made by LIFE's Bill Ray in Swinging London in 1968."When I look back," Bill Ray recently told, "what I remember is that [writer] Tommy Thompson and I worked hard every day during that assignment, and every night we were out partying with Sharon and Roman. Brian Jones—soon to be dead himself, drowned in his pool—was there. Oh, it was a great time to be in London."Asked about working with Tate, Ray said he "thought she was a dream. In fact, years later, that whole time spent with her and Roman sort of feels like a dream sequence from a movie—Sharon was always beautiful, and she was never fussy.She didn't care what angle I was shooting from, never demanded that I get this side or that side of her.Zurich Cantonal Police spokesperson Stefan Oberlin said the arrest of Polanski, who holds French citizenship, was carried out on instruction from the Federal Justice Department in Berne.Polanski was arrested in the United States in the late 1970s and charged with giving drugs and alcohol to a 13-year-old girl and having unlawful sex with her at a photographic shoot at Jack Nicholson’s Hollywood home.All of the other victims of the Manson followers' depravity suffered equally horrifying deaths.For more than a few people, the Sixties came to a bloody end during those two summer nights in '69.

Director Roman Polanski, whose turbulent life has on occasion come close to resembling the violent, perverse world of his movies, was arrested in Zurich on a 1978 US arrest warrant for sex with a 13-year-old.

Polanski (76) had been due to receive a prize for his life’s work at the Zurich Film Festival on Sunday evening, opening a retrospective of his distinguished film career but was arrested after arriving in Switzerland on Saturday night.

Calling Polanski, who won Best Director Oscar for The Pianist in 2003, one of the greatest film directors of our time, festival organisers said they had “received this news with great consternation and shock”.

When Helen leaves on a holiday to Italy with Michael, Carol appears even more distracted at work, gets sent home, stays in the apartment, leaves a raw, skinned rabbit out to rot, and begins to hallucinate, first seeing the walls cracking, a man breaking in and molesting her, then hands reaching out to grab and attack her.

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