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In Soul Eater volume 12, the preview for the next volume (volume 13) mentions explicitly that Mosquito is Arachnophobia's Top Henchman during the DWMA's attack on Baba Yaga Castle.This places him above the likes of both Giriko and Mifune.

Later battles against other enemies have shown him to possess extreme power.As a high-ranking Arachnophobia member, he is known by some of his enemies to possess considerable power.He was capable of fighting against Maka's Team, possessing two of DWMA's most top students, and not only holding his own but gaining the advantage.Soul, however, isn’t sure how he feels about all of this – and enlists the help of hero slash reincarnated partner Maka to help him find his brother, and a journey of self-discovery (and probably a lot of awkward pining) awaits him.Soul and Maka have to figure out where to go next with their lives, now that they've officially graduated from the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

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