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BEWARE of FS BUFANW TECH Any other time I have placed an international order my bank has contacted me to be sure it wasn't fraud and when it actually is fraud the transaction goes through- go figure! When I called my credit card company, they couldn’t give me more information on the vendor beyond a generic “clothing and accessories” vendor...totally fraudulent.

I ordered the cream,n played £4.93 p&p,and surprise surprise they have taken £79.95 off my visa card,what a scam, I would not recommend anyone buy this,as far as I'm concerned there out to con,ppl. Watch out this "FS BUFANW TECH" charge on your credit card.

I tried to research the company but there wasn't any info or scam warnings until after the date of purchase. We've already disputed the transaction in its pending stage with the copy of the "Transaction Success" details from the order email. Do not be fooled by simple questions on all leading supermarket sites offering a £1000 pound 'Shopping Voucher; These are being placed by ALPHSLCSHELP & itv you accept a 'Free sample' paying only 'postage' then you'll find a charge of around fifty quid for further supply before your credit card statement arrives Their 'terms & conditions" mean you cannot avoid this charge and only can cancel ` further supplies There are list of fake sites which will show charge under "FS BUFANW TECH FOSHANSHI CHN". My job is to check the authenticity of the order and to investigate whether consumers are charged reasonably.

May I ask if you have been deducted USD 17.05 from your account for the purchase of the following goods. Order Date: 01/24/2018Kind Regards Alicia White I clicked in the link of the company that there was on the e-mail and they charged other money without authorization. Thanks I placed an order Dec.14th 2017 trough Facebook on an ad for a Bose wi-fi speaker.

I never received any order confirmation or acknowledgement from them, despite repeated attempts to communicate via their website.

I just cancelled that credit card because they are obviously crooks.

Do not purchase from this website : - this is fraudulent. you will never receive a response and any sort of confirmation. Once purchased, I got a cryptic email saying that I’ll get a different charge against my bank due to “exchange rates”... I then got a text from my bank asking if I authorized a charge which was more than the one I just paid?? I called my card in as fraud charge immediately and got the transaction canceled and a new card reissued. I made a .99USD purchase from a website called LOOKFAN which never stated that the company was offshore.

My guess is these Chinese mafia will not respond so I will contact the bank.

BEWARE, I've bought about 60 euros via creditcard in Germany from (northface discount shop) on Dec 12.2017. I ordered an item from a website - and I noticed a pending charge on my credit card at higher amount that I paid.

But it did not com to my address and the bank charged this mount for FTH*GTCLOR CO. Based upon all the insights here, I called my credit card company to cancel the authorization/pending charge after I consulted with CC's fraud dept.

Stay away from There's another scam out there OTL*SCORESENSE. There is a phone number that has automated response then leaves you on hold. The email address given has no way of checking it was correct.

COM 8006796327 scamming me for months for .28 every month and I've never heard of them.... COM got me for .95 then charged me .90 that I will never get back... If you have this in your statement - let your bank know and cancel your credit ca d you've been scammed.

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They will make sure I don't pay from my own bank account. FS BUFAN W TECH FOSHANSHI CN or QUEENTINS, those are the bastards. If you look closer at those websites, all products are well below eur 100 or $.

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