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When she is helplessly looking for a way out, she meets Kapali (Ravichandran) who is also nurturing enemity against Vishwanathan. He runs to fetch the Police and get Vishwanathan arrested.But Sandhya regrets her actions when she hears Vishwanathan's side of the story. Actress Saritha comes to a small town to talk to Vaishali (Jayapradha), because she is about to play her in a film based on her life.So she asks her parents to take great care while choosing a husband for her younger sister.Unaware of this, Vaidehi falls in love with Kalyanasundaram, who is their servant.But when the Police investigates, Sandhya offers to identify the murderer if and when he is caught by them. She is shocked when she finds out that her employer is none other than Vishwanathan himself.When she decides to speak to the Police, Vishwanathan threatens to kill her only sister.How will Vaishali deal with the grave situation at hand?

The only witness to this is a young lady, Sandhya (Shakuntala) who promises Vishwanathan that she will not speak up.

Meanwhile, Sandhya falls in love with Gopi, Vishwanathan's brother, who is a Police officer himself.

But she is unable to get any help from him, either.

The truthful and courageous Shekar(Sivaji Ganesan), questions the head and it results in him being imprisoned and tortured.

Shekar defeats the head, with the help of a gypsy gang, and the villagers elect him the ruler.

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His men loot the villagers, and molest the village belles.

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