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MURPHY I'm sorry we had to move in your senior year.

DADE Yeah, I'm sorry, I was just looking for the principal's office.

The girl has a decidedly unconventional appearance, yet is a first-rate beauty. Dade notices her lips, and in his imagination launches into a flurry of half-second video clips and art bites, all involving lips and kissing.

GIRL The gym is through there, and the cafeteria is through there.

Armed troops in black uniforms pour out of unmarked vans and swarm across a lawn in a middle class residential neighborhood. Two of the troops carry a battering ram to the front door of a white two-storey house. In position, their comrades point M-16s into first-floor windows, ready to be ambushed. An attractive woman in her thirties is making breakfast.

Opening credits roll to a backdrop of Dade and his family and lawyer fighting through a gaggle of journalists and photographers, in slow motion, and driving away. Aboard a jetliner, Dade Murphy is staring blankly out the window, wearing headphones. Segue to Dade Murphy, now 18, wearing mirrorshades indoors and at night, working on his new computer.

You're going to love New York, it's the city that never sleeps! Dade emerges from the ground-floor apartment on rollerblades and skates down the street to school.

I didn't want to sell the house but I had to take this new job, you know that. We enjoy several views of New York, the morning sun shining between skyscrapers, neon signs that stay lit day and night. At school, hundreds of teenagers converse, move around, head to class. He walks up to a skinny latino kid in a faux leopard-skin muscle shirt.

DADE Can this wait until both my eyes are open, please?

MURPHY (angry, through the bathroom door) You hooked it up to the phone, didn't you?

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  1. "The Talented Poststructuralist: Heteromasculinity, Gay Artifice, and Class Passing." In: Masculinity: bodies, movies, culture / edited by Peter Lehman. "Pussy galore: lesbian images and lesbian desire in the popular cinema." In: The good, the bad and the gorgeous: popular culture's romance with lesbianism / edited by Diane Hamer and Belinda Budge. Where Altman sees this lack of representative depiction as a failing, this article operates from a different basic understanding of the nature and function of cultural representation.