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Differential Diagnosis Ophthalmologists are usually called in as consultants to help support the diagnosis of SBS, said Michael X.Repka, MD, professor of ophthalmology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University.They will need long-term follow-up care and may require low-vision evaluations, treatment for amblyopia or vitreous surgery.”Dr.

The medical assumptions used as guidelines are "equal to a fall from a 2-story building or being unrestrained in a vehicle accident".

He advised, “Make sure you work with child abuse experts in your medical center, who can help incorporate additional findings of the examination and look for other indicators of trauma and abuse.”Dr.

Mills emphasized, “Ophthalmologists can’t just walk away from these children after the diagnosis and documentation.

“The diagnosis is suspected by the pediatric, trauma or intensive care team.

And the ophthalmic findings, when present, are not subtle, but rather obvious.”One of the striking things about retinal hemorrhage and SBS is that this clinical sign in toddlers is relatively unusual. Donahue added, “Other problems can cause retinal hemorrhages, but those are typically very different and the underlying clinical setting is also different.

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