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Have a look at Divi, we can assure you, you'll not regret it.

If you're looking to create a website and community with a Corporate feel, then this theme is an absolutely excellent choice.

The code is kept as small and light as possible while still allowing for great add-on features through Word Press's extensive plugin system. bb Press is lean, mean, and ready to take on any job you throw at it.

Have a look at it here - and if you think it's a good addition to your Wordpress - then go ahead, install it and set it up!

One of the most effective ways to keep users coming back to your website - one which has proven itself against the test of time - is creating an engaged Word Press community - a small social network.

Forums, the large social networks, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Linked In, Instagram, and lots of other websites which are always buzzing with activity are those communities who have successfully created a community on a website.

Besides the obvious, this theme has got a huge lists of features going on - which makes it a very good choice for a community site.

Dynami X is a powerful responsive business Wordpress themes.Whether it's a school, college or campus, your company's intranet, a hobbyist community, or a social network around a product, Buddy Press is the Word Press plugin you should be using.Actually setting up Buddy Press is not too difficult, and is a little bit beyond the scope of this article, so we'll leave it at that.Many times the reason for creating a community site is to create reviews.Even if this is not the primary aim, reviews are usually a quite a good feature to improve the engagement of a site.

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Though here's the thing, you need to make sure the theme you choose is not just a theme.

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